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iPS Cells


About iPS Cells

iPS cell is an abbreviation of induced pluripotent stem cell, which is an acronym for its English name. Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University, who developed this product, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2012 based on his results.

Our Project

The three main characteristics are as follows:


Can theoretically be produced from any type of cell in the body.


The ability to change into cells of various tissues and organs.


The ability to multiply almost indefinitely.

By using iPS cells generated from one's own cells, they can be used for regenerative medicine and drug discovery. You can receive regenerative medicine without the risk of immune reaction.

Challenges & Solutions for iPS Cells



  • High hurdles for safety checks

  • Establishment of technology to stably
    produce high quality cells

  • Development of manufacturing facilities

Creating iPS needs a lot of
human resources and investment.

  • Automating the process of iPS cell production

  • Successful development of technology

Improve productivity

We promotes the idea that individuals, research institutions, health care and commercial industries have by building an integrated platform and generates inexpensive medical iPS cells and accelerates the realization of transplantation medicine for various diseases and other services such as insurance.

Lower costs and promote research


Our Partner


The Prevention Clinic Tokyo provides a service that creates and stores iPS cells from the customer's blood, which are expected to be used in future regenerative medicine.


Features of iPS cell banking

This is a service that creates and stores iPS cells from the customer's blood, which are expected to be used in future regenerative medicine.


• For future clinical applications.

Currently, research is underway to apply treatments using iPS cells to various diseases. If you have your own iPS cells, it is thought that you can smoothly utilize them for treatment when their application for treatment is approved.

• Preparation for emergencies.

It takes time to produce iPS cells

iPS Token Economy

Donor user / Supporter who resonates with the value of iPS buys iPS coin at Exchanges.

Donor User pay iPS coin for iPS banking services.

In the future treatment, Donor User will receive the service which enable the Users to have their recreated their organs.

Donor User and Supporter with iPS coins paid or saved will have the right to enjoy iPS related Services such as personalized cosmetics, medicine and insurances.


iPS Related Services

iPS cell culture supernatant is a nutrient-rich solution obtained from culturing iPS cells, which have been initialized from mature cells to a pluripotent state. The solution is purified and contains useful ingredients, making it a potential high-quality skincare ingredient.

Cosmetics produced
during the creation of iPS

Developing drugs based on a patient's genetic information may enable the development of drugs that are tailored to individual characteristics and may reduce the risk of side effects.

Personalized medicine
at the genetic level

Genetic information can be used to assess the disease risk of individual insurance subscribers. This will enable insurance companies to offer personalized insurance plans and to propose the best premiums and coverage for their subscribers.

Personalized Insurance
at the genetic level

Genetic information containing information related to athletic ability, muscle type, and adaptability to exercise can be used to recommend the best exercise program and intensity for each individual. This would provide an effective exercise program and support improved health and athletic performance.

Personalized Exercise
at the genetic level

iPS related campaigns such as discounted services, trial programs and medical meeting events are offered.

Discounted services
and special offers

Personal Information Management

iPS and DNA are the sensitive personal information to be strictly managed. We use the technology of IPFS to effectively manage and use the data.

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a distributed file system that provides high security and efficiency for data storage and access. The following benefits are expected from IPFS in the management of medical information.


Storage and sharing of medical information: IPFS can be used to encrypt and securely store patient medical information (medical records, test results, imaging data, etc.) on a distributed network. IPFS also provides patients and healthcare professionals with easy and fast access to the information they need.

Patient Privacy Protection: IPFS improves the privacy protection of medical information. Through data encryption and access control features, you can ensure that patient information is disclosed only to appropriate users.

Data integrity and durability: Because IPFS is a distributed system, data redundancy is increased, making data loss and tampering more difficult. This improves the integrity and durability of medical information.

Seamless information exchange: IPFS-based medical information management systems facilitate the exchange of information between different medical institutions and professionals. This is expected to facilitate the sharing of patient medical histories and test results to ensure that appropriate treatment and care are provided.

Contribution to research and public health: By aggregating medical information through IPFS and providing appropriate access control and privacy protection, large-scale medical data will be made available to researchers and public health professionals. This may contribute to the development of new treatments and public health policies.

About iPS Coin

NAME: iPS Coin


Ticker Symbol: $iPS


Contract: 0x954fdafCA2F4732a24a359DD2cf9a5FE9EB9712B





Max Total Supply: 800,000,000,000


Decimal: 18


Ecosystem: Allocation of the objective to be used for ecosystem expansion.


Marketing: Allocation of objectives such as community building, campaign implementation, etc.


Reserve: Allocation set aside as a reserve.


Team: Allocation for team members who have contributed to the creation of the ecosystem.


From 2023

  • 1,000 people participate in iPS coin Economy.

  • 10 participating companies launch iPS-related services personalized for iPS banking users and supporters.

From 2025

  • 10,000 people participate in iPS coin Economy.

  • Start of medical treatment using iPS cells.

From 2030

  • Establishment of Hospitals Platform for iPS cell operation system and it enables easy access to medical care of iPS.

    Start of medical treatment using iPS cells.

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